Company number - 12602204

Registered office address: Brindley Avenue, High Wycombe, England, HP13 5SX

ABOUT US LTD enables investors to have a simple and effective way to get a reliable profit. Investors invest their funds based on the successful completion of pre-agreed project milestones. This eliminates the risk of a complete failure of the investment. The benefits they are waiting to receive are allocated to the crypto protocol with stable performance and distributed among the users of the platform.
For Investors:

-Provide a comprehensive investment platform that provides strong access, transparency and security for investors.
-Funding, support and accountability to entrepreneurs and project builders
-Bring trust to the global investment market Ensure that the crypto space becomes a safer investment hub for everyone
-Providing a milestone-based budget, guaranteed on the China blockchain, will become a non-negotiable standard in secure digital currency investing.
-A user-friendly platform in which investors can receive their profits with security and peace of mind.

Governance LTD is deposited into the platform governance pool, to give investors voting power in project related decision making.
NFT Minting

NFTs is minted to act as user ID-Access Cards for users to access project exclusive features like tiered investor chat or stores contractual data like vesting periods.
Funding Opportunities Ltd allocations usage, chat reputation will define your access to platform features and provide a trust score that will define your investment opportunity. (Future)